David C. Clement and Mark F. Gates are the founders of a law firm designed to serve the highly complex, legal and technical needs of the construction and real estate development industries. Since its inception in 1998, the Firm has rendered over 95 percent of its services on behalf of construction industry and real estate development clients. In addition to traditional construction issues, the Firm has served its clients in lease, federal and state bid protests and procurement matters, copyright, real estate, regulatory, corporate formation and litigation matters and contractual matters. In September 2006, Paul A. May joined the Firm with over 35 years of code and zoning interpretation and enforcement experience with the City of New Orleans. The Firm’s clients include:

  • Architects
  • Engineers
  • Contractors and subcontractors
  • Owners and developers
  • Insurers and sureties

Clement Gates & May is a construction industry law firm established by members of the construction industry. The founding principals both hold bachelors of architecture degrees and combined offer nearly 5 decades of real life experience in every facet of the development and construction processes. The Firm’s attorneys have a grassroots understanding of the construction industry’s legal needs and can communicate with members of the construction industry in each of their respective technical areas. The extensive technical backgrounds of the Firm’s attorneys offer our clients a technical advantage over the opposing counsel unfamiliar with the various and complex construction trades.

In addition to offering extensive technical experience, the Firm stays ahead of conventional law firms by utilizing the latest in legal computer technology. From computerized legal research to electronic document data basing, the Firm is attentive to providing our clients with efficient legal services. By combining technical experience with the latest in computer technology, the Firm provides its construction industry and real estate development clients with comprehensive and cost effective legal services.